About 'Save Stockport's Greenbelt'

Following the publication of the draft Greater Manchester Spatial Framework in October 2016 which proposes 4000 homes to be built on greenbelt land across Stockport's eastern fringe near High Lane, a Facebook group emerged growing to thousands of members in a matter of weeks. 

This Facebook group - titled 'Save Stockport's Greenbelt' - was set up by High Lane residents, having attended a community meeting in early November 2016 at High Lane Village Hall, organised by Marple South councillors Kenny Blair and Thomas Dowse.

Community meeting at High Lane Village Hall, November 2016

The group has agreed two uniting principles:

1) In the short to medium term, we will campaign against the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework in its current form - particularly its plan to build 4000 houses on greenbelt on Stockport's eastern fringe - and we will support other 'save our greenbelt' / 'anti-GMSF' campaign groups working towards similar aims.

2) In the medium to longer term, we will contribute positively to community voice / democracy - specifically (but not limited to), setting up a Neighbourhood Forum in High Lane which will become a separate partner organisation or potentially a successor organisation.

The group has formed a steering committee, elected on a interim basis for six months from 2nd January 2017, made up as follows:

Chair - J. Bevan / R. Newcombe
Vice Chair - C. McMurray / M. Jones
Secretary - A. Hargreaves
Vice Secretary - J. Fletcher
Treasurer - J. Bevan / R. Newcombe
Social Media Officer - G. Karle / M. Jones
Liaison Officer - N. Ball

The group is not aligned to any political party - it seeks to work with all politicians who share our position. We adopt a zero tolerance policy on party activists who seek to exploit our group by using it as a platform for political point scoring. The protection of our greenbelt should be a priority concern of all politicians.

MEN photoshoot and show of unity, November 2016

There is currently no formal membership process for joining our group - we welcome all who wish to contribute positively to our cause. Our group naturally has a focus around High Lane and to some extent Hazel Grove, Disley, Poynton and Marple - as this is where the initial drive for a campaign has arisen from - but we believe all Stockport residents need to realise this is about the kind of town they want to live in, just as residents of other Greater Manchester towns should be concerned about their own communities. We also recognise that the fight to protect greenbelt is fast becoming a national struggle. Therefore we welcome supporters from far and wide.

If you wish to contact us, please get in touch via the contact form in the side bar.