What is GMSF? How can I oppose it?

**The first round of consultation closed on 16th January 2017. However, there will be further consultations and we will post information about them in due course.**

Greater Manchester Combined Authority have created a plan for 227,000 new homes across Greater Manchester – known as the ‘Greater Manchester Spatial Framework’. A ballpark figure of 20,000 houses is earmarked for Stockport.

This will include 4000 houses - the single biggest development in the plan - for greenbelt land between Hazel Grove, Marple and High Lane. This will have a devastating impact:

DESTRUCTION OF FARMLAND AND WILDLIFE - 4000 houses would involve compulsory purchase of historic farmland and the destruction of long-established areas of wildlife. In a country where 1 in 10 of all wildlife species are deemed ‘at risk’, Stockport will bury its own wildlife under a heap of concrete – ‘once they’re gone, they’re gone’.

GRIDLOCKED ROADS - Research (Direct Lines Research, 2013) shows the average household now owns two cars - which would mean a further 8000 cars on local roads each day. With no tram or improved train infrastructure, these cars will cause further congestion on the A6 and surrounding roads.

OVERWHELMED SCHOOLS, GPS AND HOSPITALS - The proposed plan talks about a ‘contribution’ to local infrastructure but offers no guarantees.

CANCER-CAUSING POLLUTION - It is documented in A6MARR planning that air pollution has been measured to be well over the limit on a daily basis, based on readings at Disley and outside Hazel Grove Civic Hall. Other reading sites have reportedly been moved to avoid this becoming more well-known. Air pollution in England was declared to be a ‘public health emergency’ by a cross-party committee of MPs in April 2016 - with the government’s own research (COMEAP – March 2015) highlighting it causes asthma in young children, respiratory problems in the elderly and increases the risk of cancer amongst all age groups.

We recognise the need for housing – but it is well-documented in the press that developers are holding on to brownfield sites - which are less profitable - to ‘force the hand’ of councils to release ‘blank canvas’ greenbelt fields.

We also note, on a local level, the well-documented fiasco in Autumn 2015 over the proposal to handover the historic Stockport Market to developers – with accusations made by traders and councillors alike of corruption at the highest levels.


There is currently a consultation over these plans – with a deadline of 23rd December 2016. There is a form provided by the GMSF team which can be accessed:

However, it is reportedly very difficult to access and complete. As an alternative, we recommend the following options:

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